ACC Contracts

ABI Community Services Ltd holds contracts with ACC for a variety of rehabilitation and assessment services across New Zealand

ABI Community Services Ltd provides services to clients within the business hours of 8:30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Depending on the service required, clients are seen either in the community (home, school, workplace), or at our clinics in Grafton, Auckland and Tawa, Wellington.

Please note that our ACC-funded services differ from a typical clinic service that accepts ‘walk-in’ clients. All our ACC-funded clients need to be referred to ABI via an ACC case manager.

If you think you qualify for one of the funded services below please contact your case manager to discuss whether a referral would be suitable.

The geographical coverage for these services varies:

Nationwide services

  1. Support Needs Assessments (SNA) – for all ages.
  2. Retrospective Needs Assessments (RPSA) – for all ages.
  3. Education based Rehabilitation Assessments (EBRA) – for children accessing education  aged 0-21 years

Greater Auckland Area services:

  1. Training for Independence – Community based rehabilitation – All ages
  2. Concussion services- All ages
  3. Wheelchair and Seating Assessments – All ages
  4. Single Discipline assessments – All ages
  5. Social rehab needs assessments (IRAs) – All ages

Greater Wellington & Wairarapa Area contracts:

  1. Training for Independence Community based rehabilitation – All ages
  2. Concussion services – All ages
  3. Single Discipline assessments –  All ages
  4. Social rehab needs assessments (IRAs) – All ages