Occupational Therapists

Cherie leLievre

Occupational Therapist


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09 826 4004

Cherie specialises in Support Needs Assessments for children, Single Discipline Assessments for children, and Education Based Rehabilitation Services.

Work Philosophy

I believe in working alongside families to achieve a person’s goals and to enable active participation in all meaningful aspects of their life.

Work History

Cherie completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) at AIT in 1994.

I joined PRS Limited in 2010, as an Occupational Therapist undertaking Serious Injury Support Needs Assessments for Child and Youth, Adult TBI, Adult Spinal Cord Injury and Education Support Assessments.I also work for a company in my local area providing concussion services; single discipline assessments, training for independence and Advisory Programs for child, youth and adults.

I graduated in 1994 and have worked in a variety of roles based in the hospital and the community.

Previous Child and Youth 

I have worked with children with burns, neurological and developmental difficulties, spinal injuries at home, preschool/school, outpatient clinic and inpatient settings.  I have also worked as a Neurodevelopmental Therapist (children 0-5) and as a Wheelchair and Seating Therapist.

Previous Adult Experience

I have worked with adults with spinal injuries, neurological difficulties, hand injuries and burns at home, work, outpatient clinic and inpatient settings.