Registered Nurses

Frances Bay

Registered Nurse


[email protected]


09 826 4004

Work Days:

Monday to Friday

Frances specialises in Support Needs Assessments for adults and Single Discipline Assessments for adults.

Work Philosophy

“It is my belief that we are all ultimately responsible for our own health and well being. Illness and injury often set our lives on a path we did not anticipate or plan for. Working in rehabilitation, it is the role of the health professional to support, guide and accompany the individual on the journey of recovery and adaptation, empowering clients to make informed choices and decisions as they reshape their future”.

Frances completed her RN training in 1986. She then completed a Nurse Tutor Diploma in 1989 and a BA in Nurse education in 1992.

Work History

Currently Frances works as an independent nurse, contracted through PRS to carry out support needs assessments for the ACC serious injury service. Frances is also contracted through three other companies based in the Bay of Plenty to carry out integrated rehabilitation assessments (home based rehabilitation), specialised nursing assessments, attendant care, wounds and consumables assessments, as well as being in involved in training for independence work.
Frances has over 25 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings including orthopaedics, oral surgery, medical, intensive care and the emergency department as well as four years of lecturing at the North Staffordshire College of Nursing and Midwifery/Keele University in England. Since February 2005 she has worked exclusively in the area of assessment and rehabilitation, with a special interest and focus on rehabilitation following serious injury, carrying out complex generic assessments and support needs assessments for ACC since their inception.


I am originally from Scotland, married a Kiwi on his big OE in the 1990s, and in 2004 he brought me and our three teenage daughters back to New Zealand. Hobbies include playing the violin in musical theatre productions, sailing and cooking.