Occupational Therapists

Jennifer George

Occupational Therapist


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09 826 4004

Work Days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Jennifer specialises in Training for Independence Services, Support Needs Assessments, Education Based Rehabilitation Assessments for children and Single Discipline Assessments for adults and children.

Work philosophy

I believe in supporting infants, children, teenagers and young adults to find the best way forward for them, in the face of whatever challenges are in their path.  As a mother of three children I am a passionate advocate for family centered approaches.   Participation in daily life is the focus for all of my therapy input, be it assessment or rehabilitation.

Work history

Jennifer graduated from AUT with a BHSc (OT) in 1996.   As a new graduate she worked in a school setting for 3 years before moving to work in adult neurological and spinal cord injury in both acute and rehabilitation settings in NZ and the UK.  On her return to NZ in 2002 she commenced work in the ADHB child development team where she worked fulltime for 2 years, working with children with a range of developmental difficulties and disabilities. Jennifer commenced working part time at PRS in 2005 following the birth of her first child.  While initially working with private clients and  across a number of ACC contracts including  SNA, retrospective SNA, housing and equipment, EBRA and TI programme; in recent years she has increasingly focused in the TI and equipment assessment spaces.

Between 2011 and 2013 Jennifer also contracted to IPH – concussion service alongside her work with PRS.

Jennifer has attended numerous specialised courses and conferences over the years, of most note being that she completed her Sensory Integration Training in 2003 and has recently attended an SOS feeding course in Sydney in 2017.

Jennifer has a special interest in sensory issues, sleep and fatigue management, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, play skill development and manual handling