Jenny Greer



[email protected]


021 990076

Work Days:

Monday to Friday

Jennifer specialises in therapy programs and assessments for children.

Work Philosophy

I am a big kid at heart and love to find ways of making therapy fun and enjoyable.Every child is unique and therefore it is crucial to create tailored programmes that work within the family environment. I use research evidence to support my therapy treatments and play to make them enjoyable and meaningful. My philosophy as a therapist is to empower children and their families to overcome challenges and successfully attain their goals.

Jenny completed her physiotherapy training at AUT University in 2008 (Bachelor of Health Science -Physiotherapy).  In addition she holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Human Resources) from Massey University (2000).

Work History

Child Rehabilitation Service – Wilson Centre.  AUT 3D Gait Laboratory Clinic – Physical examination and gait analysis of children and adults. TBI, Cerebral Palsy, Neuromuscular, Orthopaedic and Botulinum Toxin A clinics. Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Home, school and community transitions. Serial casting of the upper and lower limb. Bobath Paediatric Foundation Course (2012). Rehab Plus: Neurological and musculoskeletal adult outpatient caseload. Home and community visits and transition. Hydrotherapy and gym based programmes.

Personal Trainer: Evidence based strength and rehabilitation programmes pre and post surgery. Client screening and comprehensive fitness testing. Postural assessment and individualised programme writing