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Lesley Powell

Registered Nurse


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09 826 4004

Work Days:

Monday to Friday

Lesley specialises in Training for Independence Programs for children, Support Needs Assessments for children and Single Discipline Assessments for adults and children.


I am passionate about children, clients, families and whanau being able to reach their full potential, following injury or disability. This can be achieved by listening and empowering clients and families, with knowledge and skills and by developing client centred goals. Clients and families may require support throughout the possible life-long rehabilitation process, wherever they maybe at that point in their life to achieve the best outcomes. It is a privilege to be part of this process with clients.

I joined the team at Professional and Paediatric Rehabilitation Services Ltd (PRS) in in April 2013 as a full-time Community based RN. I have extensive experience with multiply impaired and medically fragile children including those with traumatic and hypoxic brain injury, spinal cord injury, tracheostomys, gastrostomys and respiratory compromise. As a Community Registered Nurse I can offer assessment, advice, education and training in skin and pressure cares and advice regarding wound dressings, respiratory issues, care and use of medical equipment, medications, self-catheterization and management of bladder, management of bowels, use of medications and seizures.

Lesley trained as a Registered Nurse in 1986 in The Royal London Hospital, UK. Following further training she became a Registered sick children’s nurse in 1990. She then completed post graduate papers in UK in Enhanced child care (2000), Diploma of Children’ nursing (distinction 1998-2001), Principles of managing Paediatric pain (2003). Her post graduate study continued in NZ completing a Post graduate diploma in Health Science in Child Health 2009-2012.

Work History

Following training as a paediatric nurse in the UK I specialised in the field of paediatric liver disease, and liver transplants, gaining knowledge and skills of medically fragile, palliative, and high dependency children in a London teaching hospital. Working with families and children with chronic disease supported the paediatric philosophy of working in partnership with children and families. During my 15 years there I moved into a variety of senior roles, one of which was as a paediatric pain nurse specialist. I was integral in developing a paediatric pain service within the hospital through which I gained extensive knowledge and skills in this area. This has proved extremely useful in working with children with TBI, spinal injury and complex orthopaedic surgeries, as they are often affected by on-going or neuropathic pain.

I emigrated to NZ with my family in 2005 and took up post of Charge Nurse Manager Rehabilitation within the Wilson Centre, Child Rehabilitation Service. I have gained extensive knowledge and skills in the management of paediatric brain injury, spinal cord injury and other complex disorders requiring rehabilitation, always maintaining a very active clinical role with all the children on site. Within the facility, families lived on site, therefore requiring empathy and an understanding of the impact of injury on the whole family, and so continually working in partnership to shared goals.

My post graduate studies have allowed me to not only maintain my clinical assessment skills but develop them further and extend that knowledge to staff and families.I have always been involved in educating and teaching staff and families throughout my nursing career. I am now very involved with AROC and am the NZ master trainer for the WeeFim assessment tool. In my role as the Charge Nurse Manager rehabilitation at the Wilson centre, Auckland. I have contributed to the working group for the National Spinal Cord Impairment Strategy and I have recently trained as an AROC approved Master WeeFIM trainer for NZ.